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Maverick Hood Strut Install Tips and Tricks

The new Ford Maverick compact pickup is already an eye-catching machine – and you can draw even more attention by installing our Maverick No-Drill Hood Struts. Designed to fit all Ford Maverick trucks from the 2022 model year onward, these steel struts are a safe and stylish alternative to the OE prop rod. Not only do they help you lift the hood, but struts also give you better access to the engine apartment while keeping the hood firmly in place. It’s a great addition for avid mechanics and owners that care about vehicle aesthetics.

To experience any of those benefits, though, you first need to nail the installation. If you’ve never worked with hood struts or are new to DIY automotive work, this Maverick hood strut installation advice will help you get started. All MRT Maverick hood struts can be installed in 30 minutes or less using standard shop tools. And as the name says, you don’t need to drill any holes. Before you Get Noticed, you’ll feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing your own Maverick hood strut install.

Tools Needed:

  • Socket wrench with 8mm, 10mm and 13mm sockets
  • 11mm wrench

Ford Maverick Hood Strut Installation Tips

Before installing your hood struts, make sure to read the MRT Ford Maverick hoot strut installation instructions and watch our video.

1. Make sure the kit is complete containing all parts and attachment hardware. Each Ford Maverick no-drill hood strut kit should contain two fender brackets, two hood brackets, two struts and one hardware kit (2 bolts, 3 spacers, 1 nut). Contact MRT if any parts or accessories are missing.

2. Keep the factory prop rod installed until the full hood strut kit is installed – both brackets and struts.

3. The fender brackets have a letter stamped on the back marking them for proper installation. Install the bracket stamped with an “R” on the vehicle’s passenger side and the one with the letter “L” on the driver’s side. The letters should not be visible after the brackets are installed.

4. When installing the R (passenger side) fender bracket, do NOT use the OE bolt. Remove this bolt and replace it with the new bolt provided by MRT.

5. For each fender bracket, make sure they clear the fender bolt – i.e. the bolts should not be sticking out.

6. As you install each hood bracket, get the hardware snug but don’t fully tighten it at first. Confirm the hood alignment and make any needed adjustments before doing the final tightening.

7. Each hood strut should have the gas cylinder on the top with the MRT logo facing outwards. Gently snap the struts into place on the fender and hood bracket ball studs – do not force them.

8. Once installation is complete, remove the OE prop rod and close the hood.

We make upgrading your truck easy with aftermarket parts that can be installed in your driveway or backyard. All gas hood struts are designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S. MRT was the originator of No drill hood lift kits which debuted on the SN95 Mustang and are now available for the Ford Bronco, Explorer and other Mustang generations.  Check out the full catalog here: MRT Hood Struts

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