Every Enthusiast’s Holiday Wish

Put some Throttle in YOUR Gobble as the holiday season kicks off with the busiest shopping days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday -- the Turkey 5. Team MRT joins the shopping frenzy by adding the gift of 25% savings on MRT performance exhausts. It's easy for every auto enthusiasts to create a wish list from… Continue reading Every Enthusiast’s Holiday Wish


Auto Enthusiast Gift Guide MRT

Are you ready for the Holiday Season? The giving season has started and Team MRT wants to help you identify the best gift for the auto enthusiast in your life when driving on the track, taking an off-road adventure, cruising the city streets or relaxing at a car show. We handcrafted deals that span the… Continue reading Auto Enthusiast Gift Guide MRT

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SEMA Project: 2003 MRT Surfchaser

For the car enthusiast, there's nothing more exciting then transforming a stock car or truck into something no one else has and someone has dreamed about. The annual SEMA car show in Las Vegas, Nevada is one big playground for gearheads to showcase the cool ways to customize a Ford F150 into an off-road beast,… Continue reading SEMA Project: 2003 MRT Surfchaser

Hood Struts

Maverick Hood Strut Install Tips and Tricks

The new Ford Maverick compact pickup is already an eye-catching machine - and you can draw even more attention by installing our Maverick No-Drill Hood Struts. Designed to fit all Ford Maverick trucks from the 2022 model year onward, these steel struts are a safe and stylish alternative to the OE prop rod. Not only… Continue reading Maverick Hood Strut Install Tips and Tricks


Benefits of Resonator Delete Exhaust Performance Mod

When considering exhaust systems for your vehicle, a resonator delete might be the answer. This performance mod has many benefits - especially for new DIYers. Let's look at how adding a resonator delete can help you Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed. What is a Resonator Delete? A resonator delete mod is… Continue reading Benefits of Resonator Delete Exhaust Performance Mod


Performance Exhaust Series

Over the the last 5 years, many OE manufacturers have added exhaust modes on our favorite sports cars.   Ford introduced 4 exhaust mode options on the Mustang in 4 settings: quiet, normal, sport and track.  GM followed suit with dual mode exhaust on the Camaro SS and then  4 settings called stealth, tour, sport and… Continue reading Performance Exhaust Series


MRT Exhaust Terms 101

Exhaust Terms 101: Parts of an Exhaust System If you're new to purchasing or working on vehicle exhaust systems, then you're probably unfamiliar with the terms that describe each component. We've put together definitions on 10 common exhaust terms to help beginners familiarize themselves. By knowing the basic exhaust terms, you'll be on your way… Continue reading MRT Exhaust Terms 101


Is There a Supply Chain Issue for Exhaust Systems?

MRT Performance Exhausts: Supply Chain Issue or Not? You’ve probably heard a lot about supply chain issues in recent years. Industries from baby food to car parts have seen production delays due to supply chain problems. And then there’s the matter of getting the finished product to customers. For many companies, its made things like… Continue reading Is There a Supply Chain Issue for Exhaust Systems?