Benefits of Resonator Delete Exhaust Performance Mod

When considering exhaust systems for your vehicle, a resonator delete might be the answer. This performance mod has many benefits – especially for new DIYers. Let’s look at how adding a resonator delete can help you Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed.

What is a Resonator Delete?

A resonator delete mod is simply removing the OE stock resonator in the mid-section of an exhaust system and replacing it with exhaust tubing. A factory resonator is often used to remove sound frequencies that cause a drone-like sound as you accelerate but disappear at cruising speeds. The aftermarket resonator delete changes how those pulses flow.

Resonator delete mid-pipes come in several forms. There’s Y-pipe like this Mustang sport touring RD and the classic muscle car C7 Corvette H-pipe. The most common shape is straight pipe such as our Explorer Extreme. The shape is defined by the stock exhaust design.

Why to Install a Resonator Delete

A resonator delete mod is a great option for an enthusiast’s first exhaust upgrade. Here are some advantages of a resonator delete mod:

  • It’s the most affordable performance mod with a noticeable power gain – and it produces an immediate sound difference. A resonator delete increases the sound without being overly aggressive, and you keep the stock muffler, which helps maintain the factory exhaust note.
  • It improves exhaust quality in the vehicle’s midsection, which is an area that generally collects more dirt and grime. Also, the steel grade of most aftermarket resonator-delete exhaust systems is higher than stock, so your exhaust will have a longer life. This is especially true if you use T304 stainless steel, which is the most corrosion-resistant steel for exhaust systems.
  • A resonator delete is easy to install versus a cat-back or axle-back exhaust. Our Focus ST system simply requires making two cuts and installing two clamps. It’s a great DIY project or a quick, inexpensive exhaust shop installation.
  • Resonators are generally installed after the catalytic converter so you don’t impact emissions, making them street legal. They also won’t trigger the check engine light and don’t require tuning.
  • You get to keep the factory exhaust valves. So when you add a resonator delete to your 2022MY Mustang Mach 1, you step up the sound level to hear a deeper, fuller sound without drawbacks. You hear more at wide-open throttle under each exhaust mode with not much change at a steady state – so you don’t make the neighbors mad when driving through.
  • If you get the performance-mod bug after your resonator delete, then the next step is to consider the rest of your exhaust system, where MRT has a number of options to keep your horsepower climbing.

There’s no downside. With a resonator delete, you add a little more sound and a little more performance while spending a little less money. Watch our video to Hear the Difference when adding this Dodge Charger resonator delete.

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