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Our quality process, explained.

Have you ever wondered what kind of quality goes into a system built by MRT? Here’s a brief behind-the-scenes look at the attention and detail that goes into the niche manufacturing of all our high-performance, aftermarket exhaust systems.

Products and exhaust kits that carry the MRT brand are built in the USA with premier sound engineering (thanks to our crack team of car and truck aficionados). We only use the highest automotive-grade steel available. MRT also offers clients a limited lifetime warranty (T304 stainless steel exhaust systems), backed by our expert handiwork. Here’s a little more about MRT quality design along with a look at our rigorous inspection standards.

Quality Stainless Steel

When it comes time to build, the process begins with the steel we use. MRT uses the material that we’ve found (through years of experience) works best for exhaust system performance. And that material is aircraft-grade T304 stainless steel (with chromium and nickel), which is exceptionally resistant to rust and corrosion.

While other steel grades, such as Type 409, can be used to build exhaust systems, MRT only uses T304 stainless steel, which is the highest-grade stainless steel available for aftermarket exhaust kits. Type 409 steel is often the preferred choice for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) because it’s less expensive and easier to manufacture than T304.

Because T304 is such an outstanding, corrosion-resistant material to build with, we’re confident that – in almost every case – one of our T304 stainless steel exhaust systems will be the last exhaust system you’ll ever need to buy.

*Note: Some companies explain that they use “stainless steel” for their products but don’t specify if it’s 409 or 304. Always be sure you know what kind of steel you’re dealing with or potentially buying when it comes to an aftermarket exhaust.

MRT’s High-Quality Construction Standards

The quality of our handcrafted aftermarket builds is what sets MRT apart. MRT only uses T304 stainless steel on all our components, including tubes, clamps, hangers and more. Other aftermarket exhaust suppliers and OEMs often mix different grades of steel into their systems.

MRT’s fine-tuned niche-manufacturing and automotive knowledge base give us the ability to manufacture 300 systems with a quick turnaround – without compromising product quality one iota.

We also use CNC Mandrel tube benders to shape our exhaust systems, which creates smooth, distortion-free (in terms of shape and bend) tubes. CNC Mandrel tube bending is the ideal manufacturing method for letting exhaust flow without restriction.

MRT’s Rigorous Inspection Process

Finally, MRT employs extremely rigorous inspection standards. We use a four-step inspection process with every in-house exhaust we create. Before one of our aftermarket systems leaves our warehouse, we put it through this thorough four-step process. We designed this control protocol with a variety of checks and balances, ensuring the quality of every single product we make.

MRT’s niche manufacturing operation, run by automotive experts who love what they do, supports the quality behind all the systems we build. Our unwavering dedication to quality and deep understanding of aftermarket exhaust systems is what sets MRT apart from the rest.

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