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How does MRT design a new exhaust system?

Have you ever wondered how MRT goes about designing new exhaust systems? The process is straightforward, whether it's for a classic Camaro, Corvette C8 or 2020 Explorer ST, but it relies heavily on the expertise of our in-house engineering team. Our years of automotive experience designing specialty "do-it-yourself" USA-made exhaust systems is what makes us… Continue reading How does MRT design a new exhaust system?

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Our quality process, explained.

Have you ever wondered what kind of quality goes into a system built by MRT? Here's a brief behind-the-scenes look at the attention and detail that goes into the niche manufacturing of all our high-performance, aftermarket exhaust systems.Products and exhaust kits that carry the MRT brand are built in the USA with premier sound engineering (thanks to… Continue reading Our quality process, explained.