Ford SEMA Project – MRT Interceptor Mustang

What happens when you get a bunch of muscle car enthusiasts in a room and you ask them to build their ideal Mustang package? In 2004, that’s where MRT started when they developed a Ford SEMA project proposal for the all-new 2005 Ford Mustang. The result: a Mustang that has appearance items for the Get Noticed show car, chassis mods to Feel the Performance and powertrain upgrades to Hear the difference.

The 2005 Mustang SEMA project build happened very quickly – 5 months from vehicle receipt to the Ford SEMA display – and with the help of many Mustang enthusiasts. This SEMA car started as a Mustang GT and landed on stage as the MRT Interceptor harkening memories of the Ford Interceptor police packages.

The Build

MRT was a young company when they built the MRT Interceptor project car so they didn’t have a full installation shop to tear down, modify and rebuild parts. They worked from their garage and benefited from the help of many enthusiasts who were gear heads with experience installing aftermarket parts. Through the help of Mach 1 Registry friends, Buillit Owner Club members and many other Mustang enthusiasts the build happened in a remarkably short amount of time and with long hours of dedication. Team MRT couldn’t be more appreciative of the support we had for this very BIG SEMA project.

Appearance Items

The front of the vehicle had dark headlight covers that turned transparent at the flick of a switch, a real shaker style hood followed by shadow tinted glass, quarter window louvers, a 3D carbon body kit and black chrome appointments. This SEMA car introduced the aftermarket community to MRT rear window louvers designed specifically for the SN197 and reminiscent of the 1969/70 Mach 1 Mustang.

Interior styling accessories included custom paint effects, integrated MRT Interceptor gauge pod, Sparco seats with race safety harness, custom shift knob and topped off with a panoramic glass roof for a spacious, wild and gratifying interior experience.

Chassis Mods

MRT lowered the stock suspension by installing H&R Performance handling springs for the proper stance with a hug the road performance feel. Replaced Ford brakes with Brembo brake package to endure the rigors of performance driving. Of course, no SEMA vehicle is complete until aftermarket wheels and tires are added for a bit more show me appeal and road hugging performance. Did we mention the TV? Yep fully functional at the SEMA show!

Powertrain Upgrades

Well, the 4.6L Ford V8 engine doesn’t have to have powertrain mods, but if you can add more power, why not? And that’s what MRT did for this Interceptor Mustang. A Paxton supercharger was added complemented by new flywheel and clutch that were lighter than the stock setup. MRT engineers tuned this supercharger to find the sweet spot of power, performance and fun.

An T304 stainless steel H-pipe for a street race gritty sound and the MRT designed Sport Touring axle back were added to this Mustang GT to give this Interceptor Mustang the overall deep, throaty American Muscle sound it deserved. The black matte coated exhaust tips blended well with the black body paint and rear fascia giving this SEMA vehicle a stealthy look.

Ford SEMA Display Booth

The 2005 MRT Interceptor Muscle was proudly displayed with several other SN197 Mustang builds to showcase a multitude of aftermarket accessories for this all-new Pony car. MRT’s owner, Scott Hoag, attended the 2004 SEMA show and was on hand during SEMA days to answer questions and highlight the Mustang modifications. To hear more about the MRT Interceptor performance, check out the Car and Driver magazine drive evaluation published in September 2005.

To learn more about MRT and their products, visit the website for a full catalog of premium, performance parts handcrafted by MRT in Plymouth, MI and made in the USA.

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