2005 Ford SEMA Build – MRT Cherry 6T6

When MRT was awarded a 2005 Ford SEMA project build they focused on redefining the meaning of the V6 Mustang from an economical, standard, entry level Mustang to something with more class and refined style. The result is a stunning Cherry Red convertible, fully integrated twin-turbo V6 performance car with a powerful stance, badass stereo system and interior entertainment so you can travel with style.

Breaking the Ford Mustang V6 Paradigm

The 2006 Mustang has a 4.6L V6 base engine that is fuel efficient, has retro good looks complete with power at a reasonable price. MRT used this platform to step up the Mustang performance by adding twin T-25 Turbo package combined with their own MRT sport touring axle back. When this V6 Mustang revs up you hear the twin turbos and experience a muscle car sound reminiscent of Mustang GT’s. MRT also installed the first, no drill hood strut kit on this SEMA vehicle to lift the hood with the engine prop rod removed for an unobstructed view the powertain upgrades. You Feel the Performance and Hear the Difference of this V6 engine with blow off valves and spooling turbos that make noticeable whistling sounds and flutters as you lift off the throttle.

Do you know why MRT called this vehicle the 6T6? Well, it’s a Mustang V6 with Twin-turbo 6-speed powertrain.

Refined Exterior and Interior Styling

When you see MRT Cherry 6T6 you immediately notice the PPG Black Cherry paint with metallic flakes that shimmer in the sunlight. This paint highlights the sensual curves and lines of a custom rear spoiler, custom billet grill and rear blackout panel. The custom hood features a twin scoop design and slightly raised cowl inlays for added flair. Of course, this hood is a one-off design fabricated by team MRT that mounts and functions as a factory hood to give this Mustang a “ghosted” stripe appearance. The full exterior vehicle paint was applied by the students of Washtenaw Community College and they did a stunning job for this classy SEMA vehicle.

MRT’s approach to all SEMA project vehicles is a holistic, well-integrated design so they upped the sophistication of the interior by installing a custom lightbar, Sparco seats, media center (with functional TV monitors), gauges and hydrographic applied trim panels for extra appeal. When the convertible top is down on this baby, you see the MRT Cherry 6T6 is designed to travel in style! Plus, open the trunk to view a fully integrated stereo system with subwoofers, 3 speakers and a back-up camera to show what’s behind the vehicle! The custom fiberglass panels and speaker cases are painted to match the Black Cherry exterior paint scheme. Quite the set-up for a 2005 Mustang V6!

Ford SEMA Display and Beyond

The MRT Cherry 6T6 was proudly displayed in the Ford booth during the 2006 Fall SEMA show. Post the show MRT developed and offered many of the custom parts from this vehicle to their customers. The full vehicle was well received and recognized a very good integration of vehicle modifications using parts from multiple aftermarket automotive suppliers. In fact, the 2005 MRT Cherry 6T6 Mustang was the first V6 Mustang featured on the cover of Modified Mustangs May 2006 edition. Also, Motor Trend magazine September 2006 edition has an outstanding article where they highlighted the Mustang vehicle mods and shared many photos.

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