The Best Ford Maverick Accessory

What’s the best way to challenge the status quo of a Ford Maverick? It’s simple: add a hood strut lift kit for a truck aftermarket accessory that’s convenient and functional.

Shortly after the Ford Maverick was introduced, aftermarket companies scrambled to design and develop the best accessories that would be valued by the Maverick owner. One of the first and best aftermarket product for this small pickup is a hood strut lift kit. It replaces the engine prop rod mounted in the front of the engine bay with struts and brackets mounted on the truck’s passenger and driver side. The old style engine prop rod obstructs the view of the shiny Ford EcoBoost engine which is fully visible with a hood lift kit.

Convenience is the number one reason to install a hood strut kit. The typical engine prop rod is rather cumbersome to use since engine hoods can be heavy and for a shorter person, it can be hard to insert the prop rod into the slot on the hood. When the hood is held open by a hood strut kit, the mechanic and DIY installer have both hands free to work on the engine or perform simple maintenance. Hood lift kits make it easier to open and close the hood of your Maverick truck.

The function of a hood lift kit is pretty simple: brackets are attached to the hood and body fender or engine compartment and a pressurized, gas-charged strut connects the 2 brackets on each side of the hood. When the Maverick hood latch release is pulled, the struts extend until the hood is fully open where they lock in place to keep the hood from falling. A properly designed hood strut kit raises the hood smoothly and maintains the integrity of your truck by reusing factory attachment points. Some systems require holes to be drilled into the fender and who wants to put holes in their pickup truck? Holes means exposed metal and exposed metal leads to rust. No-drill hood struts are a must.

Remember, hood lift kits provide an important safety feature to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of dropping the hood on yourself or someone else. When you buy a hood lift kit don’t make your purchase based solely on price. Look at the metal used to make the brackets to be sure they won’t fail and find a system where the brackets are coated with materials that are more resistant to corrosion. The best choice is to purchase a Ford Maverick accessory directly from a source you know and who is an expert in the feature such as MRT who designed the industry’s first hood strut lift kit for the Mustang. Also, did you know MRT manufactures all their hood strut kits in the US?

So, if you’re looking for an accessory that adds style, convenience and function to your Ford Maverick truck, a hood strut lift kit is highly recommended.

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