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Unforgettable Rides: Production #31 Mustang Bullitt and its Features

The year is 2001. Ford has just released a special edition Mustang called the Bullitt, in tribute to the iconic car from the 1968 movie of the same name. The Bullitt is based on the Mustang GT, but it has a number of unique features that set it apart, including a 4.6-liter V8 engine that has been tuned to produce 315 horsepower, a lowered suspension, and special wheels and badging.

The Bullitt is an instant hit with car enthusiasts, and it quickly becomes a collector’s item. In fact, the first 500 cars produced are sold out before they even hit the dealerships.  To help authenticate the Bullitt and ensure it was not a counterfeit, Ford assigned a special vehicle identifier for each vehicle produced.  This car is assigned #31 which means it was the 31st Bullitt Mustang produced and originally used by Ford as a marketing property.

This 2001 Bullitt is slightly modified with the MRT hood struts installed so you can easily see the powerful V8 engine.  To feel the performance of this V8 engine versus the 2001 Mustang GT, a MRT catted H-pipe replaced the mid pipes for improved gas flow and the catback was upgraded to hear a deep muscle car sound worthy of the V8 engine and ready to Get Noticed. 

Other vehicle mods include a personalized Bullitt Shift knob to proudly display the #31 production number in a Highland Green color to match the exterior paint color only found on a Bullitt Mustang.  

Other notable facts: Ford produced 5,582 Bullitt Mustangs and they were available in 3 colors – Dark Highland Green, Black and True Blue. After the success of the 2001 Bullitt, Ford produced a 2008 and 2019 vehicle with rumors of a 2024 Bullitt coming soon.

This unforgettable 2001 Mustang Bullitt #31 is FOR SALE! For serious inquiries, call (734) 455-5807.

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