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Let’s Celebrate MRT’s 20 Year History in the Auto Aftermarket

One of the best things about working in the aftermarket is getting to meet other auto enthusiasts.  MRT has been part of this automotive community since the beginning and we love meeting people and hearing about their passion for cars.   In the early days, MRT would kick off the car show season with an open house in early May.  Then team MRT members would travel around the country in a Ford heavy duty pick-up truck, pulling a trailer filled with MRT products, installation equipment and possibly a MRT SEMA car. 

Fast forward a few years to 2021, and COVID-19 changed how and where car junkies interact. Car shows were cancelled and it was difficult to stay connected to our community.   MRT hosted smaller activities like Cars & Coffee Meet and Greet venues and Camarao Club meetings to stay engaged and fuel our vehicle customization hunger.

Now, it’s time to get together again in a larger group. As part of MRT’s 20 year anniversary celebration, the MRT Open House returns as a place where auto enthusiasts celebrate cars – to show off your car, look at other people’s cars and connect with fellow car show junkies.  This MRT event promises to be fun-filled with music, food, stories, CARS, TRUCKS and laughter.  Let’s look at what’s in store:

  • MRT Branded Exhausts and No Drill Hood Strut kits on sale at 15% discount
  • Show cars brought to you by Camaro, Bronco, Jeep, Mustang, Cobra and other car club members such as the Motor City Camaro Club plus a few MRT project cars will be on display
  • Silent auction featuring unique Ford Mustang, Shelby and MRT memorabilia such as 2002 Ford Thunderbird press kit, Carol Shelby 85th Birthday celebration kit, Bullitt Mustang book, apparel and other goodies
  • Food Truck Touch of Honey  a family owned business with Great Southern food
  • Informal tour of MRT facility: showroom, warehouse, garage and manufacturing
  • Music brought you by Kicker audio for a good time
  • Extended family so you learn more about Jack Demmer Ford, Performance Tint and Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard
  • More Surprises in store, so come and check it out! 

The MRT Open House is a great way to celebrate cars, connect with other car enthusiasts and learn more about MRT.  We hope to see you there!

When: Saturday, May 6, 2023 from 8am – 1pm (plenty of time left in the day for a road trip!)

Where:  MRT Headquarters, 45646 Port St, Plymouth, MI 

Oh — I was looking though our FB page and video treasure chest reflecting on prior events we joined. I particularly liked this video capturing some of the Ford Mustang 50th Birthday celebration at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 2014. If you participated, you’ll remember the non-stop rain and the large number of Mustang enthusiasts at the event. I hope you enjoy it.

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