Bronco Aftermarket Exhaust Comparison

New Bronco Aftermarket Exhaust Comparison

An aftermarket exhaust system is the best accessory for a 2021+ Ford Bronco. The stock exhaust severely limits gas flow, barely making a sound and limiting horsepower. Not to mention with factory exhausts, you can’t see the exhaust tube or tips when looking at the back of the Bronco, so it adds nothing to the visual style.

At MRT, we’ve developed several Ford Bronco exhaust systems for this sixth-gen SUV. Ford makes it super easy to switch out axle-backs – all that’s left is choosing the right one for our needs. Let’s look at what you should consider when selecting a Ford Bronco aftermarket exhaust.

Top Line Purchase Considerations

  1. Sound Level

How much noise do you want from your aftermarket exhaust? Do you want just a step above stock or the most aggressive sound? If you’re mainly driving in neighborhoods, you’ll likely want the street performance/on-demand sound of the MRT Trail Rated System (Part #90R236). For the open road where you want an aggressive sound always present, our King of the Hill Bronco Exhaust (Part #90R238 or #90R234) will help you Hear the Difference..

  1. Tip Styling

Do you want your exhaust to be hidden and discrete, or do you want to Get Noticed? There are options to fit everywhere on the spectrum. You can order exhausts with one tip (single-exit) or two tips (dual-exit), small 3.5″ or large 5″ openings and a polished steel or matte black finish. Or get turn down Bronco exhausts with no tips.

  1. Exhaust Construction

You’ll Feel the Performance longer when your exhaust is well-built. All our systems are handcrafted from T304 stainless steel for the best corrosion resistance. They also have mandrel bent tubes to reduce pressure for free, smooth flow.

Other Consideration Factors – Just as Important!

Installation – Easy or Hard?

Look at the manufacturer designs for the 2.3L and 2.7L systems. We found one exhaust manufacturer that designed a unique bracket requiring you to remove four tow hook bolts, the bumper cover and the spare tire. That’s unnecessarily complicated. MRT systems simply have two hanger positions to accommodate the engine differences, simplifying the installation process.

Cat-back versus axle-back is also a consideration. A cat-back system is larger and heavier, making it challenging for a DIY install. It’s awkward to remove the stock exhaust and cumbersome to manage such a large piece.

Ford designed the Bronco so you don’t need a full system. MRT Bronco axle-back exhaust systems are easy to install. The only hardware you need is one nut and two rubber hangers. It takes about half an hour! And requires common tools.

Ground Clearance

If you’re on the trail, the last thing you want is an exhaust that gets stuck in uneven terrain. The MRT Trail-Rated Axle-Back Turn Down Tip (Part #90R232) maximizes ground clearance so you have more room for any obstacles you find on the trail.


Size matters! An MRT axle-back muffler is about one-third the size of the stock muffler. When you add in the horsepower boost, you get a solid increase in power-to-weight ratio, which improves acceleration and fuel efficiency.

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