Performance Exhaust Series

Over the the last 5 years, many OE manufacturers have added exhaust modes on our favorite sports cars.   Ford introduced 4 exhaust mode options on the Mustang in 4 settings: quiet, normal, sport and track.  GM followed suit with dual mode exhaust on the Camaro SS and then  4 settings called stealth, tour, sport and track. The Dodge Challenger has a sport mode and track mode…and, the list continues.  The best part of these factory exhaust modes is that you choose a setting that speaks to your personal sound preferences.

At MRT we want you to replace the stock exhaust with an MRT axle back or cat back system that is FULL TIME COOL so we only have one exhaust mode that is super fun. Many customers want to upgrade their OE exhaust and when making this decision they ask us to compare the MRT exhaust sound to the OE exhaust modes.  To make your aftermarket exhaust purchase decision more user-friendly, MRT introduces the implementation of 3 performance part series to describe and differentiate the exhaust sound and performance feel:  MRT Sport Touring, Street Race and Extreme. 

MRT Sport Touring is the most quiet sleeper series with a refined performance tone that leaves a nice rumble behind you.  This on-demand sound is family friendly and neighborhood approved with a subtle hum so you can Hear the Difference.  When you press the gas pedal, you wake the system up to deliver a sport performance, spirited and fun sound. Install an MRT Sport Touring cat back exhaust on your Mustang GT to experience the deeper exhaust note of an H pipe design or on your C8 Corvette for a delightful boost in the fun factor.

MRT Street Race gives you a performance exhaust presence at all times with an aggressive tone and increased volume so you can hear the burbles reminiscent of classic muscle car sound. At wide open throttle, this performance part steps up the power with more bite and a deeper growl so you can Feel the Performance.  Upgrade the stock exhaust on your Jeep Grand Cherokee for improved power and sound.

MRT Extreme performance is an extreme exhaust designed for the extreme car enthusiast.  It’s not available for all makes and models and is limited to vehicles with a “take no prisoners” DNA.  Stepping on the gas pedal brings out maximum performance and maximum sound with an extreme roar.  Get free shipping on a Ford Explorer MRT Extreme axle back exhaust for the Get Noticed deep aggressive roar you are sure to love.

Each MRT exhaust is engineered using specific muffler deletes, performance muffler, resonator or larger exhaust tube diameter modifications to maximize performance and minimize exhaust gas backpressure.  As always, MRT designs premium aftermarket parts to upgrade your vehicle with an accessory that has the best sounding exhaust to match a note that is complementary to a vehicle’s  DNA (and not to a particular sound decibel rating) or to add a performance part like a hood strut kit for easy installation. 

MRT Performance Exhaust systems are handcrafted from T304 stainless steel, American made in Plymouth, Michigan and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Visit today.

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