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Hood strut kits – to install or not?

Hood Strut Kits – To Install or Not?

Everyone who’s spent some time working on their vehicle’s engine knows the hassle of dealing with the factory prop rod. You need a way to hold the hood up as you work – but there has to be a better option, right?

A hood strut conversion kit may be the answer. This alternative hood-holding method is increasingly standard on luxury and high-performance vehicles, and you can also purchase an aftermarket hood struts kit. Is it worth the time and cost to install them on your vehicle? Let’s take a closer look.

What are Hood Struts?

A hood strut, sometimes also called a lift support, is designed to help car owners smoothly raise and lower the hood. They work by compressing gas into a cylinder and storing the resulting energy. When you lift the hood, the struts extend to assist with lifting. Once the hood is at its maximum height, the stored energy holds it in place. To close the hood, you manually lower it to about six inches, at which point the hood will finish dropping on its own.

How to install hood struts?

In the aftermarket, there are two hood strut designs.  One kit is designed to use existing OEM holes to install the fender and hood brackets.  Second design requires measuring, marking, punching and then drilling to install the fender and hood brackets. Both system use “snap in” gas cylinder struts to link the hood and fender. 

Benefits of Hood Struts

There are several reasons why gearheads love hood struts. They make it easy to open and lift the hood for regular maintenance or repairs. And instead of a single prop rod, a hood strut kit has two supports – one for each side of the hood. This means additional bracing so you have both hands available to work. Hood lift supports also have a clean, low-profile appearance, and you don’t have to navigate around them or risk bumping them. Not to mention they’re far more attractive at a show than a flimsy rod.

Are There Any Cons?

Based on our experience, the only drawback to hood struts is they will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. How long they last will depend on the quality and how often you use them. Most vehicles that come stock with hood struts recommend replacing them every 5 years or 60,000 miles. If you’re frequently putting the hood up for engine tinkering or show displays, the struts may need to be replaced sooner.

Overall, we think this one con is well worth all the advantages of hood struts. Simply never having to worry about the hood falling on your head makes them worth it in our book.

MRT No-Drill Hoot Struts

At MRT, we handcraft the original no-drill hood supports right here in the USA. Our struts use the factory hood attachment points without any drilling or other modifications. All it takes is 15 minutes and a 10mm wrench to install the mounting brackets and struts.

You’ll find struts for many vehicles, including our 2015 Mustang Hood Strut Kit and the 2022 Ford Maverick No Drill Hood Strut Kit. MRT supplies the correct cylinder size for factory hoods, and we can custom-build struts to fit aftermarket hoods, too. All products are inspected a minimum of four times to ensure they meet our strict quality standards.

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    I own the above and sure would like to add some lifts on this heavy hood. It is a one piece hood and lifts from each side which makes it more difficult. Can you provide any assistance at all?
    Lee Noga

    1. Hello Lee. MRT has not engineered a solution for this application. If you are in the Plymouth, MI area, please call us and we can see if the engineering team has any advice for you.

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