Old school muscle car sounding exhaust

Old-School Muscle Car Sounding Exhaust Systems from MRT

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a classic muscle car exhaust. The gas-guzzling nature of these vintage V8s is frowned upon by modern regulators, and their carbureted engines can be tricky to tune. But the roar of cars like the Ford Shelby Mustang, second-gen Chevy Camaro Z28 and Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am is etched in Americana.

You can experience this same thrill with MRT classic car exhaust systems. We handcraft exhausts for the most popular modern performance and commuter vehicles – along replacement systems for original muscle cars, too. These retro-style exhaust systems help you Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed.

Classic Exhaust Sound with Modern Performance

How does one achieve better performance with an era-accurate, throaty note? Let’s look at our 1965-1973 Ford Mustang exhaust systems as an example. The tubing for aftermarket exhaust has a larger diameter than the stock system – up to three inches for the ChamberFlow exhaust – and is mandrel-bent with precision. We also use a straight-through muffler to further enhance airflow and mitigate restriction. These three factors allow exhaust gases to flow more freely, creating a louder, deeper sound.

MRT added an H-pipe design to these factors to produce the deep, American style sound for the MRT 1994-2003 Mustang and the 2010-2015 Camaro SS H-pipes (MRT Part # 92A801).

Reducing the restrictions also increases horsepower, so your ride doesn’t just sound more like a muscle car – it drives more like one, too. Each system is made of T304 corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a limited-lifetime warranty. Shop for the best-sounding muscle car exhaust from MRT today!

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