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Ford Explorer High-Performance Exhaust Buyer’s Guide

The Explorer has been one of the top-selling and top-performing SUVs in the world for more than 30 years. It not only started the segment, but it continues to define it. At MRT, you can get a similarly unrivaled Explorer exhaust system that gives your sport utility the perfect sound and some extra horsepower, too.

But which of our handcrafted exhausts is right for your needs? In this guide, we look at all the MRT Ford Explorer exhaust kits currently available to see what’s best about each. With our expert advice, you’ll be able to pick a system that kicks things up a notch for custom performance on or off the main roads.

A Noticeable Boost: The MRT Interceptor

Our Interceptor Aftermarket Exhaust System for the Explorer is the right exhaust for someone who wants to make some noise while still being on good terms with the neighbors. Crafted from T304 stainless steel, the Interceptor produces a mellow, mature sound that still harkens back to classic muscle cars. The 2.5-inch mandrel-bent tubing also increases horsepower.

Both axle-back and cat-back Explorer exhausts are available. The Interceptor cat-back provides more power and has cool-looking quad tips but is also more expensive. Both are available with polished steel or matte black tips.

Subtle Sporty Tones: The MRT HiFlow H-Pipe

An Explorer H-pipe exhaust system is an affordable way to give your SUV a sporty, deep tone. Although the overall volume only receives a small boost, this combined with the new exhaust note is plenty enough to Get Noticed. The high-flow H-pipe system is the right choice for Explorer owners who are on a budget or just want a little something to separate them from the pack. It can also be paired with the MRT Extreme (see below) for an otherworldly result.

Getting Loud: The MRT Explorer Resonator Delete

If all you care about is making a lot of noise, an Explorer RD will do so at an amazing price. A resonator-delete cancels out unpleasant sound waves from the exhaust system, leaving you with only the tones you want to hear. This is the loudest Explorer exhaust upgrade that MRT offers with an aggressive, in-your-face performance sound and tolerable drone. The RD also provides a small horsepower gain by reducing buildup.

The Best of Everything: The MRT Extreme

For those who like to live on the edge, an Explorer Extreme exhaust system has it all. The straight-through pipes and muffler delete design mean maximum sound and exhaust flow. The loud, aggressive muscle car tone is especially noticeable when you floor the gas – almost like howling at the moon. You’ll have a lot more horsepower under your right foot, too. Like the Interceptor, the MRT Extreme is offered as an axle-back and a cat-back design with polished or “Black Ops” exhaust tips.

Whichever Explorer custom exhaust you choose, you’re getting a handcrafted system with a limited lifetime warranty. DIY installation is also simple with no special tools or equipment needed. Call or email us to chat with an expert who’s eager to help you Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed.

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