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C8 Corvette Performance Exhaust Buyer’s Guide – MRT

Buyer’s Guide – C8 Corvette Exhaust Systems

The C8 Corvette is the next generation of GM performanceand like the previous iterations of this iconic American sports car, the exhaust system is a prime target for performance upgrades. An aftermarket exhaust will give your C8 Stingray the sound and power you desire behind the wheel.

MRT is here with brand-new C8 Corvette exhausts that Corvette loyalists will love. Our Buyer’s Guide has the lowdown on which performance C8 exhaust system is right for you.

What’s the stock exhaust sound like?

GM offers two factory exhaust options for the C8 Stingray: the base model and a “Variable Mode” exhaust. The base system certainly shows off the LT2 6.2L V8 engine in a good way, giving the Corvette a solid performance sound. With Variable Mode – also known as active exhaust – the driver can select an option to change the exhaust note so it’s even sportier.

Still, neither choice produces a full-time deep performance sound the way an aftermarket exhaust can. That’s where MRT comes in with our exhaust pipes that help you Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed.

MRT offers the first and only C8 Corvette cat-back exhaust featuring the classic H-pipe design.

Unlike any other C8 exhaust, MRT uses the H-pipe configuration. This is important because it delivers the deepest, fullest performance flow while retaining (and enhancing) the classic American performance car sound.

With a MRT premium aftermarket exhaust installed on your C8, you will experience an exhaust sound that is present while sitting inside the vehicle without being overwhelming. You can still have a conversation or listen to the radio and not feel like you’re straining to be heard. We’ve struck the ideal balance between getting noticed and enjoying your on-the-road time.

MRT has two exhaust systems for the C8 Corvette Stingray, each of which punctuates the classic American Supercar DNA and sound.

C8 Corvette Sport Touring Exhaust

Our touring cat-back exhaust (Part # 91S220) adds a straight-through muffler to open up the exhaust flow, allowing more gas to escape and generating more sound. This produces a subtle but full performance sound upgrade that is “neighborhood friendly”.

The Sport Touring Exhaust creates a melodic exhaust note that is noticeably different without being objectionable. At the same time, it’s a true sport performance exhaust sound on demand note, which means its presence follows the gas pedal. Your exhaust will be hardly audible while cruising or at a steady state – but stepping on the throttle ramps up a deep rumble. Compared to the factory variable mode, this means a fuller, deeper sound at all times.

C8 Street Race Exhaust

If you’re ready to announce your presence and be noticed with envy, then the Street Race cat-back exhaust (Part # 91S225) is your fountain of youth. This is the most powerful and aggressive performance race car sound you can hear from a C8 Corvette from start-up to shut-down. The 3-inch T304 stainless tubing allows maximum exhaust flow for sound and performance gains topped off with quad 4-inch tips that get noticed. When you step on it, you get a full muscle car sound that matches the performance styling of the best Corvette produced today.

The Best Next Gen Corvette Exhausts

Having an MRT aftermarket exhaust provides full-time fun! Both these exhausts are handcrafted in the USA from 304 stainless steel. Both systems give you the option to choose polished stainless steel tips or a Black Ops high-heat finish for the right look. All MRT exhausts have a limited lifetime warranty to experience the best in performance C8 Stingray exhaust sound.

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