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MRT Buyer’s Guide – Chevy Camaro Exhaust

Buyer’s Guide – Chevy Camaro Exhaust Systems

The Camaro is one of the most famous pony cars in the world. With a performance exhaust system, you can make your Camaro gallop like a stallion and roar like a lion.

MRT offers well over 30 different aftermarket h-pipe, axle-back and cat-back exhaust systems for the Gen 5 and Gen 6 Camaro. These include systems with dual- or quad-tips and pipes for most trim levels such as the GFX andZL1. Use our Camaro Exhaust Buyer’s Guide to see which system has the right combination to Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed. All exhaust systems are engineered to not alter, modify or change OEM emissions equipment.

Camaro V6 Engine MRT Exhaust

Our Camaro coupe exhausts offer a distinctive appearance and sound with simple DIY installation. Most systems have a high-performance straight-through axle-back design that delivers an aggressive sports-car sound and adds a noticeable performance feel gain. When mated to the MRT mid-section exhaust (after-cat H-pipe – Part # 92A801), customers will get the deepest, fullest performance sound from their V6. These mid-pipes are sold separately for customers who already installed an MRT axle-back or as a full  cat-back exhaust if you want the full sound and performance in one step.

Several different Camaro V6 axle-back exhaust system configurations are available where the primary difference is sound or amount of exhaust presence experienced when driving your Camaro. Here’s our sound/exhaust option summary for the V6 from quietest to loudest:

  • MRT Version 2 Axle-Back (Gen 6 Part # 91U801) – Full-time, responsible on demand Street Performance sound.
  • MRT After Cat H-Pipe and Version 2 Axle-Back – Maximum street performance with the deepest sound.
  • MRT Version 1 Axle-Back (Gen 6 Part # 91U800) – Full-time aggressive sound.
  • MRT After Cat H-Pipe and MRT Version 1 Axle-Back – Typifies the aggressive street performance sound. Rev up the RPMs on this exhaust and everyone will notice.
  • MRT Version 3 Axle-Back (Gen 6 Part # 91U802) – The loudest and most aggressive V6 sound we offer for track performance. The system has no mufflers to control loudness and is designed for the auto enthusiast that truly wants to Get Noticed.
  • MRT After Cat H-Pipe and MRT Version 3 Axle-Back Turn your race exhaust performance up to 11 with this combination.

Camaro SS Exhaust System

If you own an 8-cylinder Camaro SS, a performance exhaust can make you stand even further above the fray. All MRT exhausts provide a full, deep V8 performance sound and are handcrafted in premium T304 stainless steel. Here’s an overview of the systems we offer.

Version 2 Axle-Back (Gen 6 Part # 91U841) – An elevated muscle car sound adds character to the vehicle while sounding mature and responsible in normal driving conditions. This exhaust is intended to be family-friendly while having some attitude when appropriate.

Version 1 Axle-Back (Gen 5 Part # 91A175) – A louder exhaust that’s designed for a balance of performance sound in spirited driving, comfortable sound in highway driving and managed sound at low speeds and idle. It’s perfect for the person who wants to be responsible in their neighborhood, have fun in the street and Get Noticed when the game is on.

Mid-Pipe and Version 1 Axle-Back (or Version 1 Cat-Back Exhaust – Gen 5 Part # 92A800) – Increases the exhaust flow and volume, deepening the exhaust note to its full baritone glory and maximizing performance. The mid-pipe is designed with the MRT Drone Management System (DMS) which manages the unpleasant drone characteristics present with other aftermarket exhausts.

Version 3 Axle-Back (Gen 6 Part # 91U842) – This MRT exhaust produces good performance sound at maximum full-note loudness while still having minimal drone. It’s the most aggressive street performance sound we offer with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

Mid-Pipe with Version 3 Axle-Back (or Version 3 Cat-Back – Gen 6 Part # 92U842) – The fullest, loudest, in-your-face race exhaust performance sound that the Camaro can produce; a drifters delight! It includes the MRT DMS to minimize drone.

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