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Buyer’s Guide – Ford Bronco Exhaust

Differentiating your Bronco from the pack is a key motivator for many Bronco customers. Performance and sound are important, and an aftermarket exhaust is the best, simplest Bronco customization item for both. By adding a performance Bronco exhaust, you can Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed.

Why MRT Exhaust?

When the sixth-generation Ford Bronco hit the market, we jumped at the chance to design exhausts for this adventure SUV. Our pipes offer performance power and sound tuned to the Bronco’s DNA in a package that’s incredibly easy to install. Unlike other systems that often require removing the rear bumper, an MRT exhaust requires zero modifications. Just loosen the OE clamps, remove the factory exhaust, insert the MRT axle-back system, secure the hanger and tighten the clamps. You’ll be ready to go in an hour with no special tools needed – and you don’t need to tune the engine, either.

Ford Bronco Exhaust Selection

We offer multiple exhaust systems based on the type of Bronco experience you desire. If you spend most of your Bronco time enjoying trail rides and want to hear a subtle sport performance exhaust note in your day-to-day driving, choose the MRT Ford Bronco Trail Rated Exhaust System. This exhaust produces a refined tone with just enough presence above the stock sound. You’ll have a clear performance exhaust without taking over the show.

We offer the Bronco trail exhaust with either a turn-down tip or single tip axle-back design. Get the turn-down tip system (Part # 90R232) if you want to retain optimum ground clearance. This exhaust sits higher underneath the vehicle, which also makes it less visible from the rearview. Choose the single tip system (Part # 90R236) if extreme ground clearance isn’t critical and you to add some exterior styling with a polished or black matte finished tip.

NOTE: To quickly transform your Bronco experience and gain  optimum ground clearance AND styling, purchase both axle-back systems and do  a simple 30-minute axle-back swap to kick off your next journey.

If you’re looking for something louder with an aggressive full-time sound, get the MRT Ford Bronco “King of the Hill” Exhaust System. The straight-through muffler gives it the ultimate attention-getting Bronco performance sound. The turbo sounds are also present most of the time – especially when you step on the throttle. This is the exhaust that will get you noticed on the main roads.

The King of the Kill exhaust has the same tip options and benefits as the Trail Rated exhaust. Select the turn-down tip exhaust (Part # 90R230) to maximize ground clearance or the single tip exhaust (Part # 90R234) to get more visual style.

King of the Hill Dual Tip Exhaust

Want to truly stand out from the crowd? Order the King of the Hill Axle-Back with Dual Tips! This exhaust system (Part # 90R238) produces the deepest, fullest sound of any MRT offering. It’s also the most aggressive exhaust sound on the market for Bronco owners who live proud and loud. If you want to get noticed for everything – appearance, sound and performance – this system is the top dog.

MRT Bronco exhausts fit all body styles and both the 2.3L and 2.7L EcoBoost engines. All systems are handcrafted in the USA using T304 grade stainless steel with polished tips or optional “Black Ops” tip in a blackout finish. We back every exhaust with a lifetime limited warranty and a superior customer experience from our expert staff.

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