MRT Buyer’s Guide – Ford Maverick Performance Exhaust (for the 2.0L Engine)

Why Change from Stock?

Although the new Ford Maverick compact pickup is great in a lot of ways, a factory exhaust configuration isn’t one of them. The OEM pipes barely make a sound when you’re on the road. Owners might find themselves wondering, “Is this on?” as they drive.

Separate yourself from the pack by adding a performance Ford Maverick exhaust system. Our tune-free aftermarket pipes are designed to pair perfectly with the truck’s DNA. They provide significant FE and performance gains vs. a stock system, and with easy DIY installation, it takes just an hour to add to your vehicle.

A new exhaust enhances every enthusiast’s driving experience and makes your Maverick more fun. Stand out from the crowd and let ’em hear you’re coming!

Tip Options (Stock, Type, Color)

Did we mention our Maverick exhaust upgrade kits look great? The stock system is hidden behind the rear bumper, so you don’t see any tips. MRT has added multiple options to get noticed before you crank the engine.

  • Single Tip – Make your system visible from the rearview with our 3.5-inch angle-cut tip located under the rear bumper on the driver’s side.
  • Dual Tip – The most visible tip option with two exits below the rear bumper to get double the eyeballs.
  • Finish – Choose a standard polished finish for a shiny look or black matte high-heat paint for a “blended” look with the rear bumper.

Exhaust Note or Sound – MRT Offers 3 Options

We have developed three Ford Maverick exhaust systems to provide the performance you want at a price you can afford. All three systems are handcrafted in the USA from T304 stainless steel with a straight pipe design to boost horsepower. Let’s look at each system in detail:

Ford Maverick 2.0L Street Performance Exhaust (Single Tip)

This system gives you an on-demand performance sound that you can control with the long thin pedal on the right. You’ll have more sound at wide-open throttle (WOT) and acceleration with a subtle hum during cruising and idling. From an interior perspective, it feels like you’re leaving the sound behind as you drive. The tip presentation improves the styling for visual appeal. This system has the most refined performance tone; if you’re looking for something more pronounced, check out the Sport Truck exhaust.

Ford Maverick 2.0L Sport Truck Exhaust (Single Tip)

This is the toughest-sounding Maverick exhaust we sell. The big performance sound maximizes its attention-grabbing power inside and out. Remove that restrictive and quiet factory exhaust to allow your 2.0L EcoBoost I4 turbo engine to breathe. Enjoy a loud aggressive tone at WOT and acceleration, with a distinct note during all driving conditions. The single tip adds a stylish, bold statement. If you want a deeper, full-body tone, look at the Dual Tip Street Performance exhaust below.

Ford Maverick 2.0L Street Performance Dual Tip Exhaust

This variation on the regular Street Performance exhaust has more tube for the exhaust note to travel and two exit points to produce a full sound level. The note stays with you for a full drive cycle, moving from monotone to stereo! You’ll treat ears to a throaty, full-note, deep sound that projects a serious attitude. The deeper tone even enhances the natural burbles of the engine when you rev it, for a little something extra.

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