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Replacing 2021+ Ford Bronco Engine Prop Rod with Hood Struts

Ford Bronco: Should I Eliminate the Engine Prop Rod or Not?

Are you a Ford Bronco owner who likes to tweak and tune under the hood? If so, you’ve likely experienced the aggravation of the factory prop rod. A Ford Bronco engine prop rod is the standard offering for this off-road vehicle. Its job is to hold the lifted hood in place so you can do maintenance or replace parts – and in that respect, the prop rod functions exactly as it should.

However, getting to that position can be a hassle for many enthusiasts. The newest edition of the Ford Bronco, for 2021 and beyond, has a particularly heavy hood and ample ground clearance (11 inches or so, model dependent). This creates a challenge when opening the hood to work on your off-roader, on the trail or at home. You need some serious height and muscle to lift it. Prop rods can get in the way when you’re wrenching, too. And if you fail to secure the prop rod correctly, the hood is going to slam down quick, which could cause serious injury.

Replacing an Engine Prop Rod with Hood Struts

Suffice to say nobody at the MRT shop has ever looked forward to using a manual prop rod while they work. We’re guessing you haven’t, either. So why not eliminate the prop rod and replace it with a complete hood strut kit? Ford Bronco hood struts – also known as hood lift supports or gas cylinder struts – are a smart upgrade that makes it easier to tinker on the engine. They have two metal cylinders that are charged with pressurized gas, which supports the hood’s weight without retracting. The additional leverage provided by a user is enough to lift or lower the hood. In most cases, you’ll be able to lift the hood with one hand!

There are many benefits of hood struts for your Ford Bronco, including:

  • Less strength and effort are needed to lift the hood.
  • More secure for engine work.
  • More workspace available and a clearer view of your engine.
  • Cleans up the underhood area.
  • They look a lot cooler than prop rods!

If you frequently do underhood shop work, want to be prepared for potential mid-adventure problems or are getting ready for a show, Bronco gas hood struts are a worthwhile accessory. Go over any type of terrain knowing the hood will be secure and that you can easily lift it if trouble arises. And when you pop the hood so people can look at your engine work, the support struts may well be the first thing they geek out over.

MRT Hood Strut Kit for Ford Bronco

The engineers and fellow off-road addicts at MRT have developed Ford Bronco hood lift supports so you can experience this superior design at a great price. The 2021+ Bronco No-Drill Hood Strut System has everything you need for DIY installation. Each kit includes two gas struts along with mounting brackets and other hardware. They’re made of Automotive-grade steel with a powder-coated finish to resist rust and corrosion. You can get them coated with a standard Black Ops finish, a black carbon fiber effect or your vehicle’s factory paint code. (Note the carbon fiber and OEM paint options could take extra time to ship.)

MRT Ford Bronco hood struts fit almost any model from 2021 to the present that has a factory hood and if you have an aftermarket hood, call MRT and they will adjust the gas cylinder sizing for your non OE hood weight. Better yet, you can re-use the existing OE attachment holes to install them. No drilling is needed, which means no unnecessary exposure of metal surfaces to potential corrosion. It also maintains the Bronco’s factory load path, which is crucial from a safety standpoint.

Adding them to your car is easy, too. It takes approximately 30 minutes following the provided instructions with no special tools needed. Want to see the process for yourself? Watch our Bronco hood support installation video that goes through everything step by step. MRT strut supports are built for years of reliable service – but if you do run into a problem, replacement gas cylinders are available.

Best Ford Bronco Performance Parts

Say goodbye to fumbling around with a prop rod thanks to MRT aftermarket hood struts. They’re one of the best investments a serious Bronco G.O.A.T. adventurer and backyard mechanic can make for their SUV’s function, accessibility and style. Each set of hood supports is 100% handcrafted in the USA from initial concept to manufacturing and powder-coating. We inspect them at least four times before they leave our Detroit, MI shop to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Hood struts aren’t just a great fit for the Bronco, either. We also make gas cylinder supports to upgrade generations of the Mustang, Explorer, Focus and other popular Ford vehicles. They’re one of many great aftermarket accessories MRT offers on top of our industry-leading exhaust systems. If you’re looking for lift supports that will help you do more under the hood and Get Noticed, call or email us. We’ve been helping fuel people’s passion for cars since 2003.

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