Low Risk, High Reward: Adding a JMS PedalMax to your C8 Corvette

Thinking about making a change to your C8?

The 8th-generation Chevy Corvette is one of the most advanced sports cars available when it leaves the factory floor. But like with many modern vehicles, there’s a lag problem – specifically, the lag when you hit the accelerator. The OEM throttle response may be fine when you’re driving on the street or displaying the car at a show. When you’re on a racetrack, the last thing you want is to feel like your 495-horsepower engine is connected to a dial-up modem.

One way to eliminate this trophy-dashing delay is a JMS PedalMAXยฎ throttle body. They’re designed so that when you press on the gas, you’ll feel the surge right away without a delay. JMS Chip makes these throttle bodies for a wide range of GM, Ford, Dodge, Toyota and Jeep vehicles. Now you can get a C8 Corvette JMS PedalMAX to make the world’s greatest Stingray even better.

What is the JMS PedalMAX?

To understand what the PedalMAX does, it helps to know the problem it’s solving. In the old days, vehicles had a throttle cable that linked the gas pedal and throttle plate. This “drive-by-cable” mechanical setup meant your throttle position was instantly relayed to the engine. Now, all vehicles are built with a “drive-by-wire” electronic throttle, which uses a series of electronic controls to communicate with the engine. Although this is more efficient overall, the extra steps in the process add to the overall response time – and on the track or drag strip, even a tenth of a second can make a dramatic difference.

The JMS PedalMAX is an effective aftermarket modification that helps a vehicle respond faster to your input. It uses an OEM-grade plug-and-play wiring harness to connect to the factory pedal position sensor. The integrated microprocessor modifies the sensor’s signal, which is then sent to the ECM for controlling the throttle actuator. This process reschedules the vehicle’s throttle response, so you have better acceleration and less lag.

Even better, the PedalMAX is fully adjustable. Use the included control knob to adjust the responsiveness on a scale of 0 to 10 – 0 being the factory setting and 10 being the maximum “NOW” sensitivity. You can even change the settings as you drive! The enclosure and connectors are fully waterproof so there’s no risk of shorting out in a rainstorm.

How to Install the JMS PedalMAX

Connecting the PedalMAX to your mid-engine C8 Corvette is ridiculously simple. All you do is disconnect the OEM throttle cable at the gas pedal underneath the dash, then plug in the JMS PedalMAX and harness in-line between the throttle pedal and the factory harness. You don’t need to cut any wires, remove any parts or do any OBD II tinkering. The entire process only takes 10-15 minutes. The PedalMAX doesn’t interfere with any of the factory C8 driving modes and doesn’t require a retune or recalibration, so adding one won’t void the warranty.

Using the PedalMAX in the C8 Corvette

I recently added the JMS PedalMAX to a 2021 C8 Corvette. After plugging in the device as described above, I put the PedalMAX through its paces while focusing on two things:

1. How responsive and smooth are off-the-line acceleration? You want the response to increase, but you don’t want the car to feel twitchy or jumpy – unless you’re a master of throttle control, that’s an easy way to stick your Stingray in the fence. To our delight, with a sensitivity dial setting at 8, the C8 gave smooth acceleration with no hesitation or lag.

2. Can you feel the responsiveness once moving with additional throttle input? Acceleration still matters at speed. When moving from part- to half-throttle, I felt more performance from my C8 without any hesitation. I also felt an instant decrease in speed when lifting off the gas, which is important when it comes to slowing down for traffic and stoplights.

Overall, the C8 Stingray JMS PedalMAX does not do anything in an unpredictable way and is very responsive to pedal input while remaining stable. It’s worth noting that individual experience may vary based on your throttle abilities and comfort level. For your C8, we recommend starting at 0 and adjusting the PedalMAX throttle device upward one number at a time until you reach the highest level you can confidently control.

Better Response for Your Exhaust

MRT has had a long-standing partnership with JMS. We’ve found the PedalMAX to be a great complement to our performance exhaust systems. The new pipes provide a power boost, and the PedalMax helps you take full advantage of it. A PedalMAX works especially well with cat-back or axle-back exhausts to amplify the all-around performance and driving fun factor.

As an addict of performance sound and feel on any vehicle, the JMS PedalMAX is staying on this C8! You can order one for yourself directly from MRT. If you’re adding a turbocharger kit to your Corvette, also carry the JMS BoostMAX, which increases horsepower, torque and overall boost in the lower RPM ranges. Call or email MRT to learn more about how JMS Chip products can help you Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed.

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