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2003 Mach 1 Special Edition Mustang

The 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1 was a special edition muscle car that was produced to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the original Mach 1. It was based on the Mustang GT and featured a number of performance and cosmetic upgrades such as the 4.6L V8 generating 305 horsepower, a functional shaker hood scoop that… Continue reading 2003 Mach 1 Special Edition Mustang

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SEMA Project: 2003 MRT Surfchaser

For the car enthusiast, there's nothing more exciting then transforming a stock car or truck into something no one else has and someone has dreamed about. The annual SEMA car show in Las Vegas, Nevada is one big playground for gearheads to showcase the cool ways to customize a Ford F150 into an off-road beast,… Continue reading SEMA Project: 2003 MRT Surfchaser


Performance Exhaust Series

Over the the last 5 years, many OE manufacturers have added exhaust modes on our favorite sports cars.   Ford introduced 4 exhaust mode options on the Mustang in 4 settings: quiet, normal, sport and track.  GM followed suit with dual mode exhaust on the Camaro SS and then  4 settings called stealth, tour, sport and… Continue reading Performance Exhaust Series


Old school muscle car sounding exhaust

Old-School Muscle Car Sounding Exhaust Systems from MRT There’s nothing quite like the sound of a classic muscle car exhaust. The gas-guzzling nature of these vintage V8s is frowned upon by modern regulators, and their carbureted engines can be tricky to tune. But the roar of cars like the Ford Shelby Mustang, second-gen Chevy Camaro… Continue reading Old school muscle car sounding exhaust


Being a “niche” manufacturer has its perks for MRT and customers…

MRT is a niche company that employs niche manufacturing experts. We focus our expertise on designing and building aftermarket vehicle exhaust systems along with a few other automotive products, such as hood struts and rear window louvers. But that's it. Our core concentration lies in exhaust systems, which is why we are specialists in the field.What is Niche… Continue reading Being a “niche” manufacturer has its perks for MRT and customers…

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How does MRT design a new exhaust system?

Have you ever wondered how MRT goes about designing new exhaust systems? The process is straightforward, whether it's for a classic Camaro, Corvette C8 or 2020 Explorer ST, but it relies heavily on the expertise of our in-house engineering team. Our years of automotive experience designing specialty "do-it-yourself" USA-made exhaust systems is what makes us… Continue reading How does MRT design a new exhaust system?

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The C8 Corvette and a custom designed MRT exhaust? Heck, yes!

So you're the proud owner of a Chevrolet C8 Corvette. You've already made an out-of-the-box decision when it comes to your choice of a sports car. But now if you want to stand out from the crowd, it might be time to splurge on a few aftermarket extras for your glossy, redesigned mid-engine V8 Corvette.… Continue reading The C8 Corvette and a custom designed MRT exhaust? Heck, yes!

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Our quality process, explained.

Have you ever wondered what kind of quality goes into a system built by MRT? Here's a brief behind-the-scenes look at the attention and detail that goes into the niche manufacturing of all our high-performance, aftermarket exhaust systems.Products and exhaust kits that carry the MRT brand are built in the USA with premier sound engineering (thanks to… Continue reading Our quality process, explained.

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Ask an expert…X-Pipe or H-Pipe?

X-Pipe or H-Pipe?As performance enthusiasts, we desire the greatest performance from our vehicles. When it comes to a mid-pipe upgrade to enhance performance, we're faced with an important question: X-pipe or H-pipe? Making this decision seems extremely difficult but take it from the after-market exhaust specialists - this question has a no-brainer answer. The H-pipe… Continue reading Ask an expert…X-Pipe or H-Pipe?