Why buy ceramic coat exhaust tips?

Why Buy Ceramic Coat Exhaust Tips?

When you purchase a performance exhaust system from MRT that comes with exhaust tips, you have the option to get the tips finished with a “Black Ops” matte black ceramic coating for an added fee. Many of our customers, especially those buying their first aftermarket exhaust, have wondered whether ceramic-coated tips are worth this upgrade.

If you’re serious about custom exhaust systems, a ceramic coating can help you Hear the Difference, Feel the Performance and Get Noticed. Here are three reasons to buy ceramic coat exhaust tips from our automotive engineering experts.

1. Temperature Stability

Most of the heat from your engine exits through the exhaust system. As a result, exhaust gas temperatures are around 500 degrees Fahrenheit when the engine is idling. At wide-open throttle, they can climb as high as 1,400 degrees. That’s a lot of heat cycling!

A ceramic coating can withstand this thermal cycling, as well as the thermal shock that occurs on an exhaust system every time you shut off, start or rev up your engine. This reduces wear to help your exhaust tips last longer. They’re environmentally friendly, too – all ceramic coatings are VOC-compliant with U.S. government standards.

2. Performance

Ceramic coatings also extend the lifespan of your exhaust tips by fighting against corrosion and road damage, while also potentially reducing thermal transfer to nearby materials (usually, your susceptible-to-melting bumper). They are resistant to scratches, rock chipping and abrasions that can occur on lesser materials. Because ceramic acts as a thermal barrier, they allow the exhaust heat to be dispersed better. Depending on the coating quality, a ceramic-coated exhaust tip has surface temperatures up to 65% lower than an uncoated tip.

3. Looks

The exhaust tip is the only visible part of your exhaust when you’re on the road – and rust is ugly no matter how you look at it. Adding a nice black matte ceramic finish increases visual appeal while preventing rust. The thin finish also complements other OEM or performance parts and is easy to clean. Black matte exhaust tips can transform the rear end of your vehicle.

Ceramic-Coated Vehicle Exhaust Tips from MRT

It’s easy to see how a ceramic coating can improve your exhaust tips. Keep in mind, though, that only a genuine ceramic coating will do. If you have black tips that are discolored, peeling or look like they’ve been dipped in powdered sugar, the tip probably has a powder-coated finish rather than a ceramic-coated finish. Although powder coating is great for wheels and suspension parts, it simply can’t withstand exhaust heat over an extended period.

MRT Black Ops exhaust tips are coated in-house with a high-temperature ceramic coating. They boost the “Get Noticed” factor of your exhaust system with durable corrosion resistance that is sure to please you for a long time. To get your tips powder-coated, simply use the drop-down menu on the exhaust system you’re purchasing to select that option. If you’re just buying a replacement exhaust tip and want a Black Ops finish, contact Team MRT by phone, email or live chat.

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